Fishnet Tights Come Out Of The Closet


What is sexy, yet elegant? Strong, yet shy? Dark, yet diamond-like? We are of course speaking of … shhhh … the once taboo subject of … fishnet tights …

Once upon a time fishnet tights were only mentioned (and worn) behind closed doors.  But at last they have been allowed to ‘come out of the closet’ to join the hosiery world, and even out onto the streets during daylight hours … just where they belong!

There are several types of fishnet tights, and a number of ways to wear them, so you can still be an individual and stand out from the crowd if you choose them as an accessory to your outfit for the day.

There are the standard ‘regular’ fishnets, which come in a diamond pattern where each ‘hole’ is approximately 2.5cm wide. Then you have the micronet or tulle tights, with the smallest spaces in the net, and at the opposite end you have the fence net (also called whale nets) which consist of extra large holes or diamonds.  In between the regular and fence net are the industrial nets.

Here are some suggestions on different ways to wear your fishnet tights …

  • At work team a black pair of micronets with a knee length pencil skirt or dress and calf-high leather boots,
  • At the mall try regular fishnets with a short skirt, or shorts and over-the-knee or knee high boots,
  • At a gala or cocktail party try pairing fence nets with stiletto heels and a mid-calf length satin cocktail dress

If you still feel uneasy about wearing fishnets, and consider yourself to be on the conservative side, read our post about Legwear Layering and apply those rules to this situation …  Layer your fishnets over a pair of sheer nude or black opaque tights!

This will ease yourself gently into this fashionable accessory.  You may even want to try some different colour combinations, both with the tights underneath, and the fishnets.  House of Holland for Pretty Polly have released a two pair pack of fishnets in Lavender Purple and Denim Blue. See them here at Sheer Deelites

In no time your confidence will grow and you will be wearing your fishnets of choice over bare skin!  Enjoy!

Let us know how you plan to wear your fishnet tights …




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