Legwear Layering

As the temperature drops and the rain comes down it is easy to ‘dress down’ to keep warm, and reach for our comfy clothes.  So more often than not it’s on with the old sweat pants or jeans and sneakers or uggs.

But are those ‘comfy’ jeans really that comfortable … or warm?  Denim is actually a hard wearing cotton twill fabric that (unless combined with spandex) does not have much, if any, give in it.  Add to that a belt, and you have  a very unforgiving, uncomfortable piece of clothing!

They say “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket … ” but when it comes to winter, and winter legwear, more specifically tights … we say wear them all, and wear them all at the same time … Let us explain …

Take the plain black opaque tight or ramp it up a notch with a luxurious deep winter aubergine or denim blue pair … these make up your base, or first layer …

Next add a soft grey marl or a gunmetal grey pair of over-the-knee woollen socks … This is the second or insulating layer … and for extra warmth and toastie toes grab a pair of boot or ankle socks.  This is the third and top ‘hidden’ layer.  These socks can be bright or patterned or a soft pastel colour … whatever puts a smile on your face!  Then on a cold, bleak winter’s day when someone asks you why you are smiling, you can reply “it’s because of the colour of my socks!”

Complete your outfit by adding a long-line shirt, jumper and jacket and a pair of leather knee-high boots … voila … you have just mastered Legwear Layering!!!

What are some of your suggestions for Legwear Layering … ?



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