First blog post

Best Friends


Hey to all our feminine (and any masculine) friends out there who may like to wear, or just enjoy looking at, our fellow human beings fascination in tights, stockings, leggings, bikinis, one-piece swimwear, underwear and lingerie.  We love our tag line of “Next to your skin … Feel the Magic Begin …”

I think we all played dress-ups when we were young, and had a bestie that we shared this with.  As grown-ups we have forgotten the ‘magic’ that we felt as children when our hearts were kind and had the attitude ‘what’s mine is yours …’

So grab (or gently pull towards you) your best friend and sit down on the floor with them.  Dress up if you want!  Wear gorgeous silky sheer tights if you want … share a glass of wine or splash out on a home-made cocktail or two … and just chat … sheerdeelitesfriendquote


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